Vision, Mission & Motto


“Building the environment of Universitas Brawijaya friendly for people with disabilities and creating an inclusive Indonesian society.”

The meaning created by this vision is how CDSS UB aspires to build the atmosphere of the UB campus to be friendly for people with disabilities and realize equal rights to education. As the broad objective, CDSS UB wants to make Indonesian people more sensitive and care about equality of rights so that they no longer discriminate people with disabilities.

In order to achieve this goal, there are steps that must be held by CDSS UB. These steps are mission implemented by CDSS UB in order to realize the vision as explained.


  1. Providing services both physical and non-physical for people with disabilities;
  2. Developing disability issues in the academic realm;
  3. Increasing the sensitivity of UB’s academic community on disability issues and people with disabilities;
  4. Conducting community services in order to make the lives of people with disabilities better and equal in rights and justice.

Seeding Inclusion for Just Future!