Accessibility Statement

Our commitment and approach to maintaining an accessible website

The Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya is committed to:

  • Maintaining an accessible website. we state our commitment to this in strategic priority of our strategic plan.
  • Ensuring that this website achieves “level AA” conformance to the web content accessibility guidelines (wcag) 2.0, to comply with the national disability laws’ code of practice on accessibility of public services and information provided by public bodies.
  • Ensuring that all new information on the website will achieve “Level AA” conformance to the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
  • Including accessibility when we procure 3rd-party systems or upgrades to existing systems.

This website’s conformance with official accessibility guidelines

The website currently has level-aa conformance to the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. We have audited this website’s accessibility continually while designing and developing it.

How to send feedback on this website’s accessibility

We welcome feedback on the accessibility of this website.
Email us
Phone us: 628113030626
Write to us: Rumah Layanan Disabilitas UB, Jl. Veteran, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

Some accessibility features of this website

Responsive Web Design
The design of this website will respond to the width of your screen, so that you can easily find and read what you’re looking for. the design will also respond to the size of the text, so you can increase the size as much as you need to.

WAI-aria (Web accessibility initiative accessible rich internet applications) landmark roles
This website’s code will identify the different areas of each webpage (banner, search, navigation, and content information) for users with assistive technology.