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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Inaugurated Rumah Layanan Disabilitas PSLD UB

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Halaqah Fiqih for People with Disabilities

National Seminar “Reflection and Evaluation on Inclusive Education in Indonesia”

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PSLD-UB or Pusat Studi dan Layanan Disabilitas (Center for Disability Studies and Services, CDSS) Universitas Brawijaya is a college institution established in 2012. PSLD UB aims to provide services for student with disabilities and to realize Universitas Brawijaya as an inclusive institution. Also, PSLD UB aims to engage in disability issues and provide services for people with disabilities to have equal rights in social life.

In addition to seeking accessible education for people with disabilities, training in lecturers or teaching for persons with disabilities and disability awareness, PSLD UB has given birth to the SPKPD Program, an affirmative action for prospective students to make Universitas Bawijaya as a pioneer and model of inclusive education for people with disabilities in Indonesia. PSLD UB has become the host for the State Universities meeting in Indonesia that resulted in the Declaration of Malang (9-10 November 2012) in the form of signing the commitment of universities to be inclusive. Furthermore, by 2013, PSLD has conducted 10 researches on disability issues, and one of them was inclusive finance for people with disabilities.

  1. Pioneer of Inclusive Campus in Indonesia for Student with Disabilities;
  2. Workshop on Public Policy and Advocacy Training for Persons with Disabilities in East Java;
  3. Engaging in Drafting of Regional Regulation no 3 of 2013 on the protection and Service for Persons with Disabilities;
  4. Bridging persons with disabilities with companies in access to work embodied in workshops on employment;
  5. Monitoring of Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities in East Java;
  6. International Seminar on Disability;
  7. Publishing Indonesian Journal of Disability Studies;
  8. Research on disability issues (2013, 10 Researches).




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